Club Medz marijuana dispensary hit by thieves again. Wow! breaking through a brick wall?

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Police were called for yet another smash and grab attempt early Monday around 1:15 a.m. Folks in the area say it’s the sixth time the business has had the walls and doors vandalized in the past two months.

Club Medz marijuana dispensary hit by thieves again

“I work right next door from this business over here, and this is not something shocking to me,” said Abumusallam.

“I’m really surprised to see it. I’m very surprised to see it because Club Medz, as far as I know, is a really nice business and they do good things,” said Julie Anderson, a Club Medz customer.

The thieves, looking for weed and cash, didn’t find anything this time. Idiots, the owners tell us the shop was cleared out and shut down by the city two weeks ago after one of the other break-ins. Now, not even the owners are allowed inside.

Surveillance cameras are at every corner of the building. You can still see the monitors inside, capturing every angle.

Police are not releasing the video at this time, confirming they are still looking for the vandals. Meanwhile, landlords and homeowners struggle to keep making progress.

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