Secret Marijuana grow discovered at Legoland

As an adult walking around an amusement park, marijuana can come in handy. If you’re stealthy enough to make your way into the park with a little stash, being high can infinitely improve your theme park experience; seriously, it makes the lines seem shorter, the food taste better, and the people-watching exponentially more entertaining.

But what about the less savvy park-goers who aren’t aware of the wonders of pairing their favorite strains with roller coasters? Two men in the UK were apparently trying to fill that niche market in a high-ly unconventional way.
legolandDuring “routine checks” around the massive 215-acre plot of land owned by Legoland Windsor, park officials discovered a substantial marijuana cultivation setup. The grow-op, complete with heat lamps and a full irrigation system, was found in an abandoned bungalow just outside the public boundaries of the park. No word yet on whether or not the cultivation equipment was built from Legos, though from a cost-benefit perspective it would make complete sense.

The building housing the secret weed factory was formerly used as a cottage to house Legoland employees, though it had been unused for quite some time. Legoland Windsor staff members checking old buildings on the property for asbestos Monday found the elaborate operation and the 50 mature plants that were growing inside.

“Following routine checks, we can confirm that illegal substances were found in a derelict cottage outside of the LEGOLAND Park boundary,” a spokesperson for the theme park explained. “The building in question is inaccessible to the public and appears to have been accessed via the Crown Estate.”

lego 2

The Crown Estate is an adjacent property to the British Legoland location, coincidentally owned by the Queen of England. The plot thickens: Has the seemingly quiet and wholesome Queen been using her neighbor’s backyard to grow her supply all along?

For now, Thames Valley police have arrested two men, one 40-year-old and his 34-year-old accomplice, who are out on bail until a scheduled court appearance on February 28th.

If the pair is convicted of running the Legoland grow, they face up to 14 years in prison, an “unlimited” fine, or both. Unfortunately, they’d probably have to build a Disney World-sized operation upon release to be able to cover whatever an unlimited fine equals.

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