Medical Marijuana`s Most Wanted

Medical Marijuana`s Most Wanted was created out of need, as a marijuana collective/dispensary owner, I`ve witnessed it all.   After noticing the tip jar with more than $300 dollars in it missing from the counter top at our SoCal dispensary, we reviewed our in house camera footage.   Surprised wasn’t the word rather betrayed, lied to & completely fooled by the helpless lady in a wheel chair when we couldn’t believe our eyes.   I must`ve asked them to rewind that footage a hundred times.   At that moment, I realized this was a real problem that reached far beyond our humble little collective and collective owners everywhere needed to be aware of these low down NO GOOD STONERS and thus the idea of MEDICAL MARIJUANAS MOST WANTED was created.   All stories and pictures are public access and have been proven as true according to dispensary & police records.


Thanks for creating MMMW grandma