Banned For Life




Name: Matthew Riddle Crime: Theft State: Las Vegas NV Collective: GreenLife LAS VEGAS ID 2

Sick and tired of these low life scums pinkling from my shop. just got this dirtbag trying to steal some edibles and caught his ass. hes done from here all local collectives keep an eye out for this man.

 Name: Justin Kase Crime: Vandelism State: Huntington Bch,CA Collective: HBChow-to-get-a-medical-marijuana-card-in-California

Please look out for this bum, almost kicked his ass today. He literally walked into the HBC clinic and started demanding OG kush for $10 an 1/8th. I refused so as he walked off he knocks over a display outta anger and keeps truckin. here is his pic. please refuse service.

 Name: Jason Pettit Crime: Theft State: Colorado Sprg,CO Collective: CPPclorado-id.jpg

“Banned for Life Please” Attention all Collectives we need to stop this guy from pinkinling product. I have busted him and he went to jail. got black balled from one of my shops. beleive it or not I see him about 3 months down the road in my buddies clinic while im visiting. I told my boy he kicked him outta his. he is a str8 up thief that is all hes there for.








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