Most Wanted


WARNING: All Medical Marijuana Collective & Dispensary owners!!!

There are a number of collectives/dispensaries and delivery drivers being assaulted and robbed EVERY DAY in the U.S. MEDICAL MARIJUANAS MOST WANTED is helping put a stop to these criminals once and for all!

How It Works-

When a new patient signs up to your MMJ service their name is run through a database of people who have been BANNED or currently WANTED for felonious activities at a collective/dispensary or to an MMJ delivery driver. If the new patients name pops up, you have the choice of reviewing it and determining whether or not you choose to provide this person service.

All Delivery Drivers-

MMMW recommends that all delivery services use safety precautions and review these databases prior to meeting new patients.

MMMW Annual fee`s provide: (1st time special sign-up fee $29.00)

  • 24hr access to MMMW database, don’t be caught OFFGAURD
  • 24hr upload & submission (submit names & photo`s of wrong doers)
  • Collective name & logo recognition???
  • Official MMMW window sticker (lets patients know that YOU know)



Name: John Stevens Crime: Theft State: Las Vegas, NV Collective & Location: LVPC 

nevada license

We knew this guy was shady when he walked in the door.frickin dude ended up stealing a jar from behind the counter. We dont have him on tape. but we have his license and script. so if you see this guy please black ball him from your place. hes bad news

Name: Kevin Mejia Crime: Assault State: Fresno,CA Collective & Location: NFC

cali id

This creep try to get up on one of my budtender girls. Back her up in the corner and starting trying to touch her. Lol, to bad he didnt know she was an ultimate fighter. Dude got choked out, woke up and ran for the door before we could get the authorities here. Please keep an eye out for this man

Name: Buddie Bent Crime: Theft State: Denver, CO Collective & Location: CPC

colorado id

POS ALERT!!!! This fucking guy came into my collective looking just like he looks in his ID. Wouldnt stop asking for deals.I finally asked him to leave or buy something. Well he decided to leave, after he left i noticed something looked different on my countertop. He took our house dab rig. Fucker, that thing was $600 bucks. if you see him please contact us. 714 446-3610

Name: Jimothy Brew CrimeTheft State: San Diego,CA Collective & Location: CPCcalifornia-driving-license-front3

Jimothy use to work for us. He had the key to our shop and went missing one day. Well… other stuff went missing with him. Thank goodness he didnt know the safecode or we would be outta buissness. Anyways, please do not hire this guy wherever he ends up. Somebody told us he left State.









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