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One of my stoner stories. Hmm, this is a funny one. I was 16 yrs old when me and my three friends were at a local park down the street from home, where we would sneak and get high. So we were up in the playground area at the top of the slide. There’s this square area up there where you can sit down and hide and no one can really see you. Anyways were sitting there smoking out of our homemade mini mag lite pipes. When guess who rolls up on us? the hooda. So were all panicked and shit, and hes walking up faster than we can get down from the playground. So I grab the weed and my boys pipe and mine. the cop says  ” hey you guys , come here get down from there”. Im like oh shit! , what am I gonna do? The homies head down first cause they don’t have shit on them. now there’s just me. So here comes me with my quick thinking. I get up on the highest point of the playground and fuckin jump so high and far with the pipes in one hand and the weed in the other. Now is the best part, (haha) I eat shit in the sand of the playground and bury all my stuff in the sand, got up and dusted myself off and said   “whats going on sir ?” long story somewhat short. We never got busted.Went back and got our weed 30 min later. STAY HIGH….



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